Guildford Borough Council

Guildford Borough Council can only be as effective, relevant and vibrant as the people elected to run it. The council needs councillors who are capable, energetic and engaged, with a commitment to local people and a passion for change.

What matters to you in your local area? Is it that Guildford is the most desirable place to live, work and visit in South East England? A centre for education, healthcare, innovative cutting-edge businesses, high quality retail and wellbeing. A county town set in a vibrant rural environment, which balances the needs of urban and rural communities alike. Known for our outstanding urban planning and design, and with infrastructure that will properly cope with our needs. Whatever needs changing in your local area, you could be the person to change it by becoming a councillor.

Decisions made by councillors affect the lives of everyone in the area in countless ways. Representing a population of over 143,000 across the Borough, understanding the issues and concerns they face and taking action are the most important tasks that any councillor undertakes.

Local councillors are the elected representatives of Guildford Borough Council. They are elected for four years unless they are elected at a by-election, in which case they must stand again at the next normal election for the seat.

Representing people in Guildford, understanding the issues and concerns they face and taking action is the most important task that any councillor undertakes. Significantly, it is also often the role that local people value most.

The next borough council elections will be held on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Being a councillor in Guildford

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