We offer a range of guides, workbooks and other resources to help you to find out more about how you can make a difference in your community.


  • Worksheets: see how you would handle life as a councillor
  • New Councillor Hub: detailed information about what councils do, the role of a councillor, and the training, development and other support available.
  • Handling intimidation: Being a councillor is a responsibility, a privilege and a hugely rewarding undertaking, but we are also aware that the growth in public intimidation is putting people off becoming a local councillor. This guide is not designed to alarm, but to suggest some steps you and your council can undertake to protect yourself as a person in a public position, and how to respond should an incident occur.

For councils:

Increasing the pool of talent from which councillors are elected is a key challenge for local government. Ultimately, it’s the electorate that decides who becomes a councillor, but we can all help to ensure that there is a pipeline of talented candidates to choose from.

Most local authorities undertake activity focused on local democracy and increasing democratic engagement: promoting the role of councillor and encouraging more people to consider standing for election can form an important part of this work. You may wish to think about holding prospective councillor events, creating short films to showcase the role of the councillor or sharing our e-Learning to educate on what local government does.

Please see the resources below and contact the team on for more information, further resources and bespoke support.