Local Government Chief Executives' Development Hub

The Local Government Association (LGA) and Solace are delighted to present the first Local Government Chief Executives’ Development Framework and Hub as part of the LGA’s Sector Support programme 2023/24.


The framework has been developed through extensive engagement with current chief executives and other key stakeholders, including councillors. This engagement with the sector has helped build a detailed picture of the complex set of accountabilities that local government chief executives hold and has resulted in the creation of this framework, which sets out the core foundations that underpin the role.

The framework includes seven core themes (the foundations), which form the basis of a new curriculum for chief executive training and a set of leadership standards for excellence that will help new chief executives address their development in three stages:

  • acquiring knowledge
  • gaining experience
  • sharpening judgement.

Given the constantly changing environment that local government chief executives work within, we consider this framework to be a living document with the ability to flex and change over time. 

We are keen to continue developing this framework and your feedback and comments are welcome. Please email your feedback and comments to us at [email protected]