Aimee Lau

This breadth of experience has helped me start to form an idea of where I would like my career to go.

Aimee Lau - NGDP graduate

University: University of Warwick

Degree: Politics, international studies and quantitative methods

Year of graduation: 2019

Current Council: Brent

Current role: Climate Emergency

What first inspired you to apply to NGDP?

That’s what is so great about the NGDP. It’s allowing me to experience lots of different teams so I can see what it’s like to be working in a frontline service or in a more policy focused role.

This breadth of experience has helped me start to form an idea of where I would like my career to go.

How much did you know about the NGDP before you applied?

I had actually found out about it by word of mouth from one of my friends during my third year of university. But once I heard about it, it felt like it would be perfect for me. It ticked all my boxes. I wanted to be able to work closely with the community and make a tangible and positive difference to peoples’ lives, but I wasn’t completely sure about the specifics of my future career: what role I wanted or what department I’d want to be in.

What was the recruitment process like? 

I think I first applied in November and I got my offer from Brent Council in June. It was a fairly long process, but this gave me time to prepare for each stage. The stage I was the most nervous for was the assessment centre, but it was really relaxed and informal; at times I forgot that I was being assessed.

Last year, the NGDP BAME network offered drop-in sessions with BAME applicants to support them with their interview stage with the councils. Current BAME graduates on the scheme gave their tips and advice to applicants on their experiences and answered questions they had. The network is looking to do this again.

What would be your advice to people thinking about applying to NGDP?

My advice would be to just go for it. As long as you’re passionate about serving the local community and are wanting to make a difference, this is the scheme for you.

Being a national scheme, the NGDP has so much flexibility. You’re able to apply for councils all over the country. Once you’re on the scheme, you get so much support from the NGDP team, the other graduates at the council and the rest of the graduates across the country which is an invaluable network to have.