Rewired leadership: political leadership development opportunities for councillors and leaders

Inspiring local communities and creating a better future for the people and places we represent takes ambitious leadership. Now, more than ever we need to ensure our politicians are bold and confident leaders, equipped to reinvigorate local governance, ensure strong democratic accountability, and support local government to make a difference, deliver and be trusted.

Effective political leadership is at the heart of effective democracy. The LGA remains committed to supporting and developing the councillors on whose shoulders this rests. Right from those at the very beginning of their political careers, through to experienced sector-leading politicians – encouraging the skill acquisition, networking and innovation required to benefit and improve the entire sector.

This support to local politicians must be relevant, ambitious and flexible enough to respond to the changing local government agenda, as well as offering value for money for our member councils.

During 2014 we will be piloting a number of new political leadership development programmes, including bespoke support to council top teams; a programme for senior politicians to focus on key challenges facing the sector, and a new e-learning programme providing a range of resources around induction and the skills necessary for community leadership.

To keep up to date on the LGA's leadership development opportunities for 2014, please email:

Be a councillor

Local government is only as vibrant, effective and relevant as the people elected to run it. We are working with councils, regional organisations and local parties on the 'Be a councillor' campaign – to increase the pool from which councillors are elected and encourage the brightest stars to stand and do the best for their communities.

Young councillors' weekender

As part of our series of annual learning and network events this weekend is a great opportunity for young councillors to build valuable networks with peers early on in their careers and continue their leadership learning and skill development.

Community leadership

We have developed a wide range of activities and initiatives to support councillors as leaders of their communities. This includes the Political Skills Framework toolkit 2012.

Leadership Academy

The long-standing Leadership Academy offers essential high class leadership development for councillors in leadership positions from across the political spectrum. The programme focuses on enhancing participants' leadership style, building skill and confidence, and creating valuable support networks among peers in other councils and parties.

Leadership Academy focused programmes

These stand alone programmes are themed learning opportunities for councillors concentrating on specific portfolio areas such as planning or services for older people. They provide a great chance to develop leadership skills in a particular area and share experiences amongst colleagues dealing with similar challenges.

Next Generation

This is a prestigious political leadership programme for ambitious councillors. It is uniquely developed within party traditions and with party political experts, creating an unparalled political development opportunity for participants and enabling them to rise to their own current and future political challenges.


Knowledge Hub Group

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