Inspiring local communities and creating a better future for the people and places we represent takes ambitious leadership. And effective political leadership has always been at the heart of healthy democracy.

The LGA's range of political leadership development programmes helps to support and develop councillors ensuring our local politicians are confident and capable; well equipped and well supported to make a difference, deliver and be trusted.

As a local politician, finding the time to reflect, to build up your networks and to challenge yourself can be tricky. The LGAs Highlighting Leadership Programmes provide opportunities to do just that; for those at the very beginning of their political careers, through to experienced leaders – building the leadership capacity of individuals and the wider sector.

Supporting effective political leadership is part of our wider package of Sector-led Improvement; helping councils strengthen local accountability, monitor performance and drive improvement.


Leader's Programme

A new development opportunity for council leaders.

Top Team Development

A new development opportunity for your council's senior political leadership team.

Leadership Academy

An accredited leadership development  programme for councillors in leadership positions.

Leadership Essentials

Two-day learning events for councillors on specific themes, such as Children's Services or digital.

Next Generation

The Next Generation Programme offers ambitious and talented councillors an unparalleled political development opportunity.

Focus on Leadership

Seminars and workshops to provide a bridge to more senior leadership positions.

Community Leadership

A range of resources to support councillors in their role as community leaders.

Be a Councillor

Information on how to become a councillor on our dedicated microsite.