The Equality Frameworks are owned and resourced by the LGA. They are intended for use as a self-assessment tool; a national benchmark; a means of facilitating consistent external challenge, and an opportunity to identify and draw out learning and good practice to share throughout the sector.

Designed to support systematic and structured improvement, they can help organisations deliver improved services.

The frameworks:

  • are intended to inform decision making about services that aim to be more tailored to diverse needs
  • contribute to the evidence base that underpins the reasons for changes to service policy and delivery – for example, why services are prioritised in the way they are
  • will help an organisation to enhance its reputation
  • support and complement effective community engagement and empowerment
  • will help to promote high standards of customer care and insight
  • provide a standard approach to the integration of equalities into service policy and planning
  • will help organisations to meet their statutory duties.

See also: Equalities peer challenge awards

The Equality Frameworks have recently undergone a 'light touch' sector-led refresh, to take into account of the recommendations from the Public Sector Equality Duty review, around focusing on outcomes, and embedding equality and health equity into policies and establishing better connections with the newly refreshed Equality Delivery System used by the NHS.

"Working with the LGA has been of enormous benefit to Enfield. Their expert input and creative approach to working with us has made a big contribution to taking our equalities work forward and enhancing Enfield's thinking on what 'excellence' is all about."

Simon Tendeter, Assistant Director
Communities, Communications, Policy and Performance
London Borough of Enfield.


In this section

Equalities case studies

Case studies showing how local authorities have risen to the challenge of the equalities agenda.

Fire and rescue service equality framework and peer challenge toolkit

This guidance has been produced to assist fire and rescue services prepare for a peer challenge at both the ‘achieving' and the ‘excellent' levels of the Fire and Rescue Service Equality Framework (FRSEF).

Social Housing Equality Framework

The Social Housing Equality Framework (SHEF) was developed by the Local Government Improvement and Development within the Local Government Association to help organisations promote equality and diversity into their work.

The Equality Framework for Local Government

The Equality Framework for Local Government (EFLG) offers a systematic and structured self-assessment and improvement tool.