Finance is critical to the operation of councils and the wide range of services they deliver. The financial issues affecting local government therefore affect all of us, in terms of the services we receive and the taxes or charges we pay.

Our work on local government finance covers the full range of finance issues affecting local authorities. We work closely with advisers from local authority treasurer society groups to clarify and highlight the financial implications of new policies, lobby for changes to the system and put forward the local government case in spending reviews and consultations.

Business rates

In October 2015, the Government announced a move to full business rate retention for local government.

To ensure the new system works effectively for the whole sector, it is essential that local government is involved in the policy development.

As a result, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the LGA have launched a Steering Group, made up of representatives from across local government, to oversee the development of these reforms. The inaugural meeting took place on 12 April.

Budget and Autumn Statement

Budget announcements

This section includes information about the government's Budget announcements and the LGA's work in this area.


Autumn Statements

This section includes information about the government's Autumn Statement announcements and the LGA's work in this area.

Also in this section


Annual local government finance settlements

This section includes information on the government's annual settlement announcements and the LGA's work in this area.


The UK's Municipal Bonds Agency

The UK's Municipal Bonds Agency (Local Capital Finance Company) exists for a single purpose: to reduce councils' capital costs over the long term.


Summer Budget: LGA response

8 July 2015

Our Chairman responds to the Chancellor's Summer Budget.


Future Funding Outlook 2015 Technical Annex

This is the Technical Annex to the LGA's 2015 Future Funding Outlook and explains the calculations behind the model


LGA and the 2013 Spending Round

Here we set out the LGA's work before, during and after the 2013 Spending Round, as announced by the government on 26 June 2013. This section includes our briefings on the consultations that followed in late July.


Future funding outlook for councils from 2010/11 to 2019/20

LGA's updated funding outlook model reveals the financial blackhole facing local government is widening by £2.1 billion a year and will reach £14.4 billion by 2020 – find the full suite of reports here.

Spending Review

The LGA has set out a broad range of proposals for the Government to consider as part of the Spending Review, aimed at streamlining public services, generating investment, and protecting social care and health - all while saving the public purse almost £2 billion a year. 

Download our reports:

Spending Smarter: A Shared Commitment

A Shared Commitment: Local Government and the Spending Review