This resource aims to keep member councils up-to-speed with developments during extreme weather events.

With increasing flood risk, there are significant challenges for local authorities in helping communities to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Flood risk should be recognised as an important issue which provides both opportunities as well as a challenge to building sustainable communities. This portal is designed to offer you background information and guidance on flood risk management. 

A guide for communicating during extreme weather

This is a good practice guide for councils communicating during periods of extreme weather. We have produced this in response to councils asking us for examples of good practice, how to develop a communications strategy and where they can go for further help and support.


Flooding update: resilience and response

Councils work around-the-clock with emergency services, government agencies and the voluntary and community sector to cope with prolonged extreme weather..

Flood and coastal erosion risk management

General information about flood and coastal erosion risk management.

Local flood risk management

Information about your new roles and responsibilities relating to the Flood and Water Management Act.

Sustainable drainage systems

Information relating to sustainable drainage systems (SuDs).

Spatial planning and flood risk

Information relating to the National Planning Policy Framework, local planning and how this might affect flood risk management.

Emergency planning

Emergency Planning and Civil Contingencies and flood risk management.

Working with local authority resources

All about skills, capacity and help from other partner organisations.

Paying for flood and coastal erosion risk

Partnership Funding and funding sources.


Weather watch

A resource and guidance for councillors on coping with extreme weather from ice and snow to heat waves.

Extreme weather communications guide

A good practice guide for councils communicating during periods of extreme weather.

our online discussion forum for flood risk practitioners:

  • ask questions and engage with others on key issues
  • keep up to date with new developments
  • share ideas, challenges and innovative practices

Document library

Essential flood risk management information


Our e-learning modules provide up to date information on the new roles and responsibilities of local authorities relating to the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

Case study

View Sefton Council's North West Regional Flooding Resource.