Local government earnings and demography survey 2019/20

The local government earnings and demography survey (LGEDS) 2019/20 provides paybill, average pay rate and demographic information for all local government employees (excluding teachers). The survey collects details of individual local government posts; the results presented below are based on around 450,000 posts.

The data were weighted and grossed to take into account non-response by region and type of authority.

Key findings

The basic local government paybill in England and Wales (excluding teachers) is £23.3 billion for the financial year 2019/20.

The total gross paybill, which comprises the basic paybill plus all additional pay elements, is £24.0 billion. Additional pay (which is any payment made on top of basic salary including overtime and bonus payments) is equivalent to 3.1 per cent of basic pay.

The total gross paybill increased by 8.1 per cent (from £22.1 billion in 2014/15); this represents a real-terms increase of 4.2 per cent.


The latest published outputs from LGEDS 2019/20 can be found below:

Summary report

A summary report of the outputs from the Earnings Survey 2014/15. This includes key findings and summary data on paybill and pay rates.

Earnings and demography survey 2019-20 summary report

Paybill and pay rates

This provides a breakdown of grossed paybill and pay rates by region, authority type, gender and full-time/part-time working.

Earnings and demography survey 2019-20 paybill and pay rates (Excel, 34KB)

GGS Spinal Column Point Distribution

This provides the distribution of the local government workforce by Local Government Services spinal column point (or equivalent salary band) for the year 2013/14.

Earnings and demography survey 2019-20 spinal column point distribution (Excel, 30KB)

Demographic feedback

This provides a detailed demographic breakdown of respondents' workforce broken down by region and type of authority.

To be published in due course.