Leading the fire sector: member development support

The LGA’s range of fire and rescue authority member development resources helps elected members develop into capable and confident local leaders.

Previously the LGA ran a variety of face-to-face development programmes, including Leadership Essentials for fire and rescue, Diversity and Inclusion workshops and Oversight of performance workshops. The LGA continues to support fire and rescue authority members to develop with leadership skills despite the current pandemic and have refocused our activity to bring together already available resources and to develop new online content to support elected members. 

Induction for fire and rescue authority members

Fire authority members guide: this guide acts as a brief induction to the fire sector and new members or those wishing to remind themselves of the national environment should find this document helpful.

Oversight of performance and governance of fire and rescue authorities

Leading the fire sector – Oversight of fire and rescue service performance: this guide provides members with the knowledge and key skills required to fulfil their role as members scrutinising performance and challenging services to improve by applying the principles of good governance.