Shared vision and commitment

A clear vision, over the longer term, for achieving better health and wellbeing for all, alongside integrated activity, for which leadership can be held to account by citizens. Alongside a clear vision there is a shared commitment to improving local people's health and wellbeing using approaches which focus on what is the best outcome for citizens and communities.

Frequently asked questions

What are key characteristics of a place with a clear vision and shared commitment?

  • working together to align priorities and responsibilities, including overcoming cultural and performance challenges to establish a common language and set of objectives
  • exploring the many ways to integrate health and care to find the models and approaches which best meet local needs and aspirations
  • developing a system which works cohesively, with individual services that are high-quality and safe, and is sustainable in terms of services, markets and workforce
  • moving away from a focus on episodic care and treating ill health towards an emphasis on independence, wellbeing and holistic care for everyone
  • understanding the needs and wishes of citizens, including the resources they and those around them can contribute to their own health and wellbeing
  • bringing together all the assets in a place to stimulate and support individuals, families and communities to be more able to lead happy, safe, independent and fulfilled lives.

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