The LGA has re-launched the national shared services map for 2016 which shows how shared services have contributed to taxpayers saving more than half a billion pounds. The map contains information that has been provided directly by councils to the LGA and we have not sought to audit the figures supplied. 

How to use the map

  • The map shows the shared service arrangements in England, the numbers indicate the number of arrangements of that category in the area. You can filter the shared services by clicking on the categories below the map, click the 'All' category to reset the map.
  • For more comprehensive, in-depth analysis we have produced a user-friendly guide which shows the shared service arrangements councils are involved in.

Follow the link to see four easy ways to use the map to assist in the development of your shared service.

To download a csv file of the full data set behind the map click here

Visit the Shared Services page for more information. 

Shared Service Expert Programme

Expanding the popular Productivity Expert Programme and to complement our existing match-making service, this programme has been set up to provide councils with funding towards a shared services expert with the particular skill or expertise to provide support and assistance to develop and improve your existing shared service arrangement.

If you are looking to develop your current arrangement, require support or you are interested in hearing more about the programme please contact us at

Shared Service Match Making Service

We have launched a shared services match making service to provide assistance to support councils who wish to share services and/or management teams with other councils. The offer includes access to funding for a dedicated shared service expert and/or paid for external mediation advice and support. 

If this is something you are interested in hearing more about or you are looking for partners for new or existing projects then please contact us at


If your shared service arrangement is not featured on the map please do get in touch with us using our online survey.

1 December 2016