“Doubling Nature” – increasing biodiversity in our area

We are facing a biodiversity crisis. We are losing species to extinction at an alarming and unprecedented rate. This will threaten the world’s water and food supply as well exacerbating the catastrophe of Climate Change.

We advocate action at the national and local levels to preserve and enhance biodiversity. We will lobby the government to meet its own international commitments on biodiversity but we want to do our bit locally as well! We call for an increase in areas considered rich in habitats.

Ideas for local action

Initiate council policy and practices on biodiversity (see good practice examples below)

  • Work with others to establish a local ecology centre to provide awareness and education
  • Plant trees and shrubs of indigenous varieties. We will plant a tree for every resident of our area by 2030.
  • Create habitats, e.g. for more bees/pollinators.
  • Ensure sustainable and significant biodiversity gain from new developments
  • Call for new biodiversity sites as part of a local plan
  • Show home owners and allotment holders how to increase biodiversity
  • Create a biodiversity innovation fund - to sponsor biodiversity projects • Create protected areas
  • Change spraying regimes
  • Individual projects • greening our towns
  • wildflower planting on verges and change mowing regime
  • hedgerow enhancement • establish pollinator projects

Lib Dem council activity