Lib Dem council group of the year awards

Opposition Group of the Year 2024 - Special Commendation Award

Southwark Liberal Democrats

The Southwark Liberal Democrat group continues to punch above its weight for a group of 11 councillors – successfully using the Town Hall to progress the groups key campaigns. This has included driving forwards better standards in housing, public toilets, the environment and customer services. The group also helped launch the boroughs first Southwark Pride event. 

Opposition Group of the Year 2024 - Winner

Birmingham Liberal Democrats

The Birmingham Liberal Democrat group has done inspiring work in the face of great adversity with the Council’s Section 114 notice and frightening cuts and council tax rises. Our Lib Dem councillors in Birmingham have worked tirelessly to support residents and staff during these uncertain times. Special mention also needs to be given to the work the group has done to improve representation and participation for under-represented groups such as women and children. 

Council Group Achievement 2024 - Special Commendation

East Suffolk Liberal Democrats

East Suffolk Liberal Democrats grew from 3 Councillors to 11 Councillors in the 2023 election. David Beavan has led the Council Group from the front, and has been pivotal in getting the Council Group from leading the opposition to playing an active part within the administration. He has taken on the housing portfolio, inheriting a massive deficit from the Conservatives, and has already made several major decisions to ensure better access to quality homes. 

Council Group Achievement 2024 - Winner

Edinburgh Liberal Democrats

Edinburgh Liberal Democrats have managed to dominate the Council despite not being the largest group or running the administration. In 2023 they successfully passed a Lib Dem budget from third place that has made a dramatic difference to the city and delivered landmark investment in Edinburgh’s road network, parks and greenspaces and has halted cuts to education resulting from cuts from the Scottish Government. 

Council Group of the Year 2024 - Special Commendation

Richmond Upon Thames Liberal Democrats

This council has 49 out of 54 councillors.  Having been in administration since 2018, the Richmond Lib Dem group has gone onto scrap retrograde Tory policies such as removing storage charges for the homeless and re-introducing council tax reductions for the least well off.  We have introduced a class leading Climate Change Strategy and innovative measures including the Good Move Scheme (a first of its kind support scheme helping residents to try subsidised access to car alternatives). A by-election victory late last year got  rid of the last remaining Conservative on the Council. 

Council Group of the Year 2024 - Winner

Bath & North East Somerset Liberal Democrats

Bath and NE Somerset Liberal Democrats secured a historic second term in control of the Council in 2023 and continue to be a trailblazing administration. They put the climate emergency at the heart of everything the council does, bringing in net zero requirements for energy use in the new build, becoming the first council outside London to implement a charging clean air zone and investing in cycle and pedestrian schemes. In addition to bold plans to create a new business park, regenerate high streets and overhaul adult social care services in the Council.