LGA Lib Dems and ALDC are teaming up to bring you the 2024 presentation of our Council Group of the Year awards

After an astonishing year of Local Election and By-Election gains the Liberal Democrats are now in administration in over 70 principal councils. Of course we have many more brilliant opposition groups moving forwards and making a difference on their councils too.

We want to celebrate all of your achievements in our Council Group of the Year Awards which will be presented at the LGA Lib Dem / ALDC reception at Spring Conference in York on Friday 15 March 2024; 8.15pm-9.30pm – in the Riverside Room at the York Novotel. There are three categories to nominate:

  • Council Group of the Year – Which council groups have gone above and beyond to improve things for local residents this year? Have you improved local services, delivered a brilliant local scheme, improved governance, made your council more open and accessible to residents? Whether in administration or opposition we want to hear about the difference you have made.

  • Opposition Group of the Year – Opposition groups play a vital role holding other party administrations to account, providing a clear Liberal alternative for their community and also doing amazing things at ward level. We want to hear you proudest achievements in opposition this year.
  • • Council Group Achievement of the Year – Our final award celebrates the very best achievements in local government over the past year.This can be absolutely anything, from both groups in opposition and administration, that has advanced Liberal Democracy in your council area. Please share your successes with us and inspire others the make the difference you have.

Council Group of the Year Awards

Please make your nominations and provide any supporting information. You can nominate your own Council Group or another Council Group. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 21 February 2024.

The awards will be presented in person at the LGA/ALDC reception at Spring Conference. Please ensure someone can be present at conference to accept the award.

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