The Government has made transparency and open data a key priority as it fosters accountability, drives improvements in public services by informing choice, and stimulates innovation and growth.

Open data means the data is free to access, use and reuse and is available via the internet based on the open government licence.

The LGA promotes open and transparent local government to meet local needs and demands. It encourages a meaningful approach to open data to 

  • foster accountability,
  • innovate and transform services leading to improvements and efficiencies, 
  • empower citizen and community groups to choose or run services and shape neighbourhoods 
  • drive local economic growth. 

The LGA has agreed a work programme to develop a sector-led approach to data transparency which puts local authority data into the public realm in ways that provide real benefits to citizens, business, councils and the wider data community. The programme includes a range of activities to promote the understanding of open data, develop a policy towards local transparency and identify and share good practice of open data use.