Digital funded programmes and case studies

Our digital funded programmes support councils to innovate and improve digital service.

Over the past four years the LGA has funded four programmes, each with a different focus. Sixty-eight projects were funded involving 100 councils using digital tools and solutions to redesign and improve access to services. Projects have included improving online licensing applications, developing business intelligence and redesigning online housing forms. As well as significantly improving how services are designed and delivered online for residents and local businesses, these projects enable staff and members to work more effectively both in and out of the office. The estimated savings from these programmes are currently in excess of £4.5 million.

Digital Experts programme

We put in place the LGA Digital Experts funding programme in 2014/15 to help more councils benefit from the digital approaches already delivered elsewhere. The LGA funded 27 projects supporting 42 councils as part of this programme.

Digital Transformation programme

The Digital Transformation Programme was set up to help fund councils to develop digital solutions to support their wider work on national programmes of transformation including, the integration of health and social care, Troubled Families, Welfare Reform and Public Health.

The aim was to develop digital tools and solutions that can be reused by other councils and support the wider work to transform local public services. 15 projects, involving 30 councils, were successful in their bids for funding.

Digital Channel Shift programme

The LGA funded 21 projects supporting 23 councils to use digital tools and solutions for their work on channel shift. For example, redesigning specific services so they are available on different devices making it easier for citizens and businesses to self-serve. For example, online booking services available 24/7.

Digital Housing programme

This programme aims for the Kent district councils to share their forms, how they were created and to explain the resources needed to carry out this work with five other councils. This will enable the LGA to test the reusability of these forms and if successful, we can then look to mainstream these across the country.

Digital Inclusion programme

This programme supports 10 councils to work with specific cohorts of residents to support those who haven’t had the skills, confidence or infrastructure to go online so they can benefit from the potential for digital tools and solutions to contribute to improving life outcomes.

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