The ngdp is a development programme for high-calibre graduates wishing to pursue a career in management in local government.

New offer: new talent.

The past few years have been hugely successful years for ngdp. We have had more councils taking part in the scheme, increased application numbers and more graduates being successfully placed in local authorities.

In response to feedback from councils, we are continuing with a more flexible programme that makes it easier for councils to be involved in the programme.

In addition to the national pool of candidates, you can also now recruit from your local area and from your existing graduate employees. The ngdp team will ensure your candidates meet the national standard by facilitating the assessment process. Successful candidates will gain with the same qualification, enjoy the same equivalent experience and have access to the same national network as nationally recruited trainees.

In tough times such as these, with budget cuts and the often negative portrayal of local government in the media, attracting the best talent to the sector can be a real challenge. A priority of the ngdp is to ensure local government continues to be seen as a positive, relevant and vibrant choice for the best graduate talent.

For more information on the ngdp, please refer to the information pack (below). The pack shares experiences and views of some of the councils and individuals who have been involved in the programme and details how to sign up and what the commitments are. 

2016 ngdp information pack (PDF)

Council registration for Cohort 18 of the ngdp is now open. The deadline to register for Cohort 18 is 1 April 2016. You can sign up for this cohort by completing the form found on page 18 of the ngdp information pack, or you can complete the online registration form here

For more information on the ngdp, please contact Sadie Kerr:

Telephone: 020 7664 3283

If you are a graduate and would like more information on the ngdp please see:

The ngdp website


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ngdp in detail

Information on the support available, details of what the modules involve and external monitoring of the ngdp programme.

Why should my council take on ngdp national management trainees?

The benefits for councils joining the ngdp programme.

Recruiting talent - our offer

Learn more about the flexible ngdp offer for 2015.


To register your interest, please contact:

Sadie Kerr
Adviser, Leadership and Localism