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Tackling modern slavery: council case studies COVER

Tackling modern slavery: council case studies

The case studies in this document build on the detailed guidance we published in 2017, and on the modern slavery workshops which we have held around the country.

Councillor guide to tackling modern slavery COVER

Councillor guide to tackling modern slavery

This guidance is targeted specifically at councillors, and highlights the specific role that individual councillors can play in raising awareness of the issue and embedding work to tackle slavery within councils.

Policing and fire governance: guidance for police and crime panels COVER

Policing and fire governance: guidance for police and crime panels

This guidance has been produced for police (fire) and crime panel chairs, members and support officers and those with whom they work. It is intended to provide information about the statutory roles of panels and to highlight good practice that has been developed over the years since panels were first established.

Community Cohesion 10.3 front cover

Building cohesive communities

Cohesive communities are about more than just preventing or addressing unacceptable behaviour and hate crime.


Tackling gambling related harm – a whole council approach

This publication provides an overview of problem gambling, and how councils can begin to try to help local residents who are impacted by it.


A councillor’s guide to cyber security

Cyber security is crucial to ensuring services are kept up and running and to ensuring the public's trust in councils with their information. A cyber attack could have very serious consequences - disrupting services and damaging a council’s reputation. Healthy cyber security is key to the efficient and productive running of every council.


Public Spaces Protection Orders: Guidance for councils

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs), introduced in 2014, sit amongst a broad range of powers and tools to help tackle anti-social behaviour locally. PSPOs are aimed at ensuring public spaces can be enjoyed free from anti-social behaviour.


Tackling modern slavery: a council guide

A guide for councils to increase awareness of modern slavery and provide clarity on their role in tackling it.


Fire and rescue services in England: a guide for police and crime panel members

The LGA has produced the document with Police and Crime Panel members in mind as its primary audience, but we hope it will also be of use to others who have an interest in developing their knowledge of how this essential public service is structured and governed.


Councillor workbook: bribery and fraud prevention

Elected members have a range of statutory and moral obligations to protect the assets of their authority and need to equip themselves with the knowledge to deal with enquiries and question from residents.

Councillor development