LGA Lib Dem Group

The LGA is a politically balanced organisation, with each of the political groups allocated places throughout the structure in proportion to the number of people their councillors represent.

Liberal Democrat Annual Report 2020 COVER

Liberal Democrat Annual Report 2020

The 2020 annual report details the work of the LGA Liberal Democrat Group over the past year.  


Liberal Democrat Council leaders call for urgent funding for local government

You can see the letter on 14 April 2020 sent by leading Liberal Democrat councillors calling for urgent funding for government.

NHS pledge from Government not worth paper it's written on

Councillor Howard Sykes MBE, Leader, LGA Liberal Democrat Group - First Column, September 2019

Liberal Democrat Conference preview from Howard Sykes

Bournemouth will be starting to look very familiar this year, as the Liberal Democrats return there shortly, just a couple of months after our very successful LGA conference. 

LGA Liberal Democrat Group 2019-2021

Liberal Democrat Councillors have voted for the team to represent them at the LGA 2019-2021.