The Group

The Liberal Democrats at the LGA operate a full and open election process with all Liberal Democrat councillors in England and Wales having a vote. Positions are normally elected ever two years with the last elections taking place in 2015 and the next ones set for 2017. The group is made up of the officers and all the members that have been elected to represent Lib Dem councillors in the range of policy areas that the LGA works on.

Officers of the Group

Leader - Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Portsmouth
Deputy Leaders - Dorothy Thornhill, Watford; Chris White, St Albans & Herts
Group Whip - Howard Sykes, Oldham
Group Chair - Ruth Dombey, Sutton

Children & Young People

Liz Green - Kingston (lead)
Chris Coleman - Cheltenham

Community Well Being

Richard Kemp - Liverpool (Lead)
Doreen Huddart - Newcastle

Culture, Tourism & Sport

Mike Bell - N. Somerset
Stewart Golton - Leeds (sub)

Environment, Economy, Housing & Transport

Keith House - Eastleigh & Hants (lead)
Adele Morris - Southwark 


Dave Hodgson - Bedford (lead)
Cherry Beath - Bath and NE Somerset


Claire Hudon - Mendip (lead)
Simon Shaw - Sefton (sub)

Safer Communities

Lisa Brett - BaNes (lead)
Anita Lower - Newcastle

City Regions

Abigail Bell - Hull (lead)
Iain Roberts - Stockport

People and Places

Heather Kidd- Shropshire (lead)
Stan Collins - S :Lakeland & Cumbria
Sarah Osbourne - Lewes 


Jeremy Hilton, Gloucester & Gloucs (lead and LGA Chair of Fire Services Management Committee and Fire Commission)