Shale Gas - Effective Planning Training Modules

Planning for Shale Gas Training Modules. Updated June 2019.

**On November 2nd 2019 the Government announced that it is ending support for fracking in England on the basis of new scientific analysis.**

Planning Advisory Service (PAS) has developed training modules to help inform Mineral Planning Authority (MPA) councillors and planning officers about the process of making a planning decision on shale gas or oil mineral planning applications. The overall objective is to support informed and timely decision-making.

The modules look at the reality of shale gas and oil exploration and production, and how local authorities make planning decisions on these highly contentious applications. The modules are available here as PDFs and are designed to be used on a self-serve basis either as individual modules or they can be 'mixed-and-matched'. They can also be delivered by an experienced PAS trainer.

If you would like to organise a PAS training session based on these materials please contact:

Module 1 – Planning for Shale Developments - Base Training

This module covers the story so far on planning & shale developments in England, including legislation, regulation, policy, guidance, and probity issues that affect decision making.

Module 2 - Pre-Application

This module aims to increase your understanding of the measures to follow at pre-application stage, the differences of shale applications, the scope and importance of early engagement.

Module 3 - Working with the regulators

This module aims to increase your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Oil and Gas Authority, Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive and their interface with the planning system.

Module 4 - Decision making and material considerations

This module aims to increase your understanding of the environmental and other factors relevant in deciding planning applications for shale developments.

Module 5 - Monitoring

This module aims to increase your understanding of the monitoring and enforcement issues relating to shale developments at both the pre-application and operational stages of development.