We've written a set of briefings for councillors. Councillors' needs vary: between councils, roles and length of experience. Our briefings are flexible enough to provide both basic information about the planning system and more specific requirements on particular topics. 

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Our latest briefings

Councillor training module: Strategic Planning - Strategic Priorities, policies and plans

This presentation is aimed at being used to advise Members on the Strategic Planning process, why they might do it and what it might involve. 

We've packaged the briefings to help guide you to the most appropriate ones for you. These groupings are not mutually exclusive and when preparing your briefing you might what to dip into other presentations to pick up more detailed information on different topics. If you have any queries, email: [email protected].

User notes

  • The briefings should be used on a 'pick and mix' basis as appropriate for your audience¬†
  • A synopsis of each presentation is provided below with slide share
  • Speaker notes to accompany the presentations can be accessed by downloading the presentations.