Plans and decisions are nothing without delivery, and the only way to be really thoughtful about delivery is through monitoring it properly. In this way the planning system engages one of its most powerful features - the feedback loop.

This page brings together all our work on delivery. 

In this section you can find:

  • Advice on preparing a Housing Delivery Test Action Plan (HDTAP)
  • Advice on 5yr housing land supply and predicting delivery
  • New advice for people preparing an Infrastructure Funding Statement
  • Case studies on local development orders and monitoring generally

In some places the act of looking backwards (monitoring plan delivery) and looking forwards (identifying a land supply) are done by different teams at different times using different methods and data sources. There are obviously clear advantages for a unified approach that brings together information about what has happened in the past to better assess "deliverability" and to create a feedback loop to review and improve policies. 

This image shows the planning system as a feedback loop, a circle where plans lead to decisions which lead to delivery then monitring and evaluation lead back to plans