Upcoming Events

We have always been very proud of our events. They bring people together and allow them time and space to think through new problems. Some of our events are online, using MS Teams and Zoom depending on what we are aiming to do in a session. We often use Slido to help collate and answer questions and responses. We are try to keep things interactive whether they are online or in person sessions so bring your questions and your creativity.  

Booking tickets via Eventbrite

A few people are getting frustrated when booking tickets for events very late (sometimes even after they have started). For reasons we needn't go into just now, we are not using the automatic integration of Eventbrite and Zoom. This means that shortly before the event a human from the PAS team will send you your link. This will be coming from an @local.gov.uk email address.

Shortly before the event starts our team will usually will be mucking in with the event and will not see any late orders. So - please book tickets at least a day in advance if you want to be sure of a place.

Eventbrite note (20th October 2023) - We are having problems with our eventbrite account. Watch this space!


Planning and slurry infrastructure

PAS is hosting two sessions for Defra, Natural England and the Environment Agency to provide an overview of the Slurry Infrastructure Grant for a local authority audience.

Defra introduced the grant scheme to help farms invest in high quality slurry systems that exceed current regulations to reduce water and air pollution. It forms part of co-ordinated action taken by the government to reduce the environmental impact of farming on Habitats Sites while supporting domestic food production. 

These sessions will cover the purpose of the grant scheme, how it works and what local planning authorities will need to consider (e.g., Habitats Regulations Assessment). The event is suitable for planners, legal officers, ecologists, environment officers, greenspace / estate managers and others that want to understand more about the Slurry Infrastructure Grant, as a landowner, a responsible body and/or a decision-maker for applications for improved slurry storage. 

The first session will be on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 at 2pm and will be repeated on Tuesday 28th November 2023 at 10am. Please only book one of these dates with your .gov.uk email address. 


Biodiversity Net Gain

PAS is hosting two online biodiversity net gain update events for local authorities in December after the publication of  regulations and guidance for mandatory biodiversity net gain (BNG) by Government.

Biodiversity Net Gain Policy Update, 14 December 2023, 13:30-15:00

Local authority officers and members can register for our online biodiversity net gain (BNG) policy update event. Natural England will be joining the call and we hope they will be joined by Defra and DLUHC officials.

An introduction to the Statutory Biodiversity Metric led by Natural England, 19 December 2023, 11:00-12:00

Local authority officers and members can register for this online event introducing the statutory Biodiversity Metric, which will be published by Defra in November. Steve Panks, Principal Specialist at Natural England, will explain why the statutory metric is a key element of mandatory biodiversity net gain and this session will provide an overview of the metric and how it compares to Natural England's metric 4.0.