Upcoming Events

We run event series that are focussed on developing the skills you need to be a better planner or councillor involved in planning. Please keep revisiting this page for updates on current events.

Housing Delivery Test workshops

These events will look at lessons learnt from the first round of HDT Action Plans highlighting best practice as well as how to reduce the time and work involved in preparing an Action Plan. 

We will share ideas on any loopholes and pitfalls experienced that can be avoided and how any actions can be implemented. We will also hear from councils with "top tips" to avoid the worst impacts of the presumption. There may also be an opportunity to hear from MHCLG.

Pick the event most relevant to you:

  1. Events for councils in "presumption" or likely to be in "presumption" when the next round of results are published in November 2020 London and Birmingham
  2. An event for councils who are new to the Housing Delivery Test and have not needed to make an Action Plan before. London
  3. An event for councils who have recently published an Action Plan and need to review and refine their approach. London


"So you want to fix your housing land supply?" workshops

Annual Position Statements are giving people the mechanism to ‘fix’ their housing land supply for the year. We are holding two events for local planning authorities considering doing an Annual Position Statement (APS).

We will work through the process of notifying the Planning Inspectorate and in producing an APS. The event will also provide the opportunity to hear from the Planning Inspectorate on the APS process and experience gained from this year. 

The event will cover

  • What’s involved
  • The pros and cons and whether this is for you
  • Completing your notification to PINS
  • Assessing deliverability of sites
  • Carrying out a robust stakeholder engagement process
  • Disputed sites and what information you need to submit
  • "There be dragons" and other modelling scenarios

London and London


How to run a good planning committee

Warwick : Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March 2020

For Planning committee chairs and vice-chairs.

A council's planning committee is a very public window into a council's decision making processes. The outcomes from the committee are seen in the developments that are delivered through the decisions made. The aim of the planning committee must be for the public that engage in this complex and often controversial process to be satisfied with and clear about the decision making process, if not always the outcome.

Chairing a committee, and all the preparation and lead-in required for good decision making can be challenging. The course will focus on good quality decision making at planning committee and how a good planning committee is run. Attendees will be able to compare how their committee operates with other authorities and share ideas with other councillors.

The cost of the course £250 per person which includes all meals and an overnight stay. 

To find out more or to book a place on this course please contact grace.collins@local.gov.uk