Upcoming Events

We run event series that are focussed on developing the skills you need to be a better planner or councillor involved in planning. Please keep revisiting this page for updates on current events.

Housing Delivery Test "Grand Finale"

This is a larger "finishing up" session where people are going to share and compare aspects of their Action Plans. It will be an opportunity for Q&A on particular themes as well as to begin the process of reflecting on the Action Plan process itself. 

Tuesday 23/07/2019 - Manchester - for the North

Thursday 25/07/2019 - London - for the South


Chief planners conference

26th-27th September 2019, Nottingham

Following the success of our previous Chief Planner events we have decided to extend the format to allow some "rising stars" to come along too. 

 We will be holding the next event in Nottingham on the 26th and 27th September. We would like Chief Planners to attend and we would ask that they also bring a rising star along as we would like to speak to the next generation of Chief Planners. We plan to do the main sessions together and then break out so that we can tailor the content to everyone’s interest and experience levels.

We will be covering content from our PAS programmes (strategic planning/local plans/delivery/development management/developer contributions) plus tackling some new areas such as resourcing and large scale delivery all tied up with talks from MHCLG’s top planning team.

As with previous events, we will cover the food for both days and accommodation for one night but the deal is that you stay for all of the sessions and provide feedback through our evaluation forms. 

Can you please book separate places for both yourself and your nominated rising star? We will then post the agenda and confirm arrangements.

Please note that whilst the event is free to attend, if you are no longer able to attend, please let us know at your earliest convenience so that we can offer your space out.

If you do not attend and do not inform us, we will charge for the cost of the place.


How to run a good planning committee

Birmingham: Thursday 19th September and Friday 20th September 2019

For Planning committee chairs and vice-chairs.

A council's planning committee is a very public window into a council's decision making processes. The outcomes from the committee are seen in the developments that are delivered through the decisions made. The aim of the planning committee must be for the public that engage in this complex and often controversial process to be satisfied with and clear about the decision making process, if not always the outcome.

Chairing a committee, and all the preparation and lead-in required for good decision making can be challenging. The course will focus on good quality decision making at planning committee and how a good planning committee is run. Attendees will be able to compare how their committee operates with other authorities and share ideas with other councillors.

The cost of the course £250 per person which includes all meals and an overnight stay. To find out more or to book a place on this course please contact grace.collins@local.gov.uk