Upcoming Events

We run event series that are focussed on developing the skills you need to be a better planner or councillor involved in planning. Please keep revisiting this page for updates on current events.

Strategic Planning Events - February 2019

We are delivering three events in February that will look at the issues, challenges and good practices around the production of joint strategic plans.

If you are progressing or updating a joint plan or just starting to look at the possibility of moving towards a joint plan then come long and hear from some experienced LPAs, strategic planners and MHCLG.

These events are for local authority planners. Places are free but will be limited.

In 2018 there is a renewed energy around strategic planning and the production of joint plans. Councils are beginning to realise that some of the issues that delay and frustrate individual local plans can be more easily resolved through the use of a wider geographical footprint and a greater number of views around the table. This energy combined with elements of the revised NPPF mean that there is an increase in activity around strategic planning.

These events are part of a programme of work that PAS will be delivering to look at developing the skills, knowledge and experience for both local authority officers and members. We will be highlighting and developing best practice, sharing advice and producing tools to support joint plans to progress.


Decision making at planning committee: how to run a good planning committee (Leadership Essentials - Councillors)

Thursday 14th March and Friday 15th March 2019

For Planning committee chairs and vice-chairs

A council's planning committee is a very public window into a council's decision making processes. The outcomes from the committee are seen in the developments that are delivered through the decisions made. The aim of the planning committee must be for the public that engage in this complex and often controversial process to be satisfied with and clear about the decision making process, if not always the outcome.

Chairing a committee, and all the preparation and lead-in required for good decision making can be challenging. The course will focus on good quality decision making at planning committee and how a good planning committee is run. Attendees will be able to compare how their committee operates with other authorities and share ideas with other councillors.

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