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Update 30th March - we are following the LGA's lead in responding to the coronavirus. All our events are suspended and we are working remotely. We are investigating ways of sharing learning and best practice on-line. We are starting to gather a FAQ on a new page just for COVID-19 and planning.  
Advice note for senior leadership teams and officers on the effective use of developer contributions - Start with the spend in mind
Local authorities have a fundamental role in leading the coordination and delivery of infrastructure that will support their areas. Effective infrastructure planning, prioritisation and governance of spend are critical to supporting the delivery of sustainable development and growth. To help your senior leadership understand the role of developer contributions we have published an advice note on the role of CIL and S106 including policies and processes. This advice has been developed in response to recent changes in legislation and Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) and to help highlight the importance of these planning tools.
Advice note for councils on procuring viability evidence in planning
Recently we held a workshop with viability experts and set to work on drafting an advice note for councils. The advice reflects the range of matters that you will need to consider in developing an invitation to tender (ITT) or undertaking this work in-house as it covers matters that should be addressed in any viability assessment work. This is the first publication - we may do others if helpful. .
Presentation and sample CIL calculation workbooks
During the autumn we ran a series of workshops around the country with MHCLG on the September 2019 reforms to developer contributions. This included the amendments to the Community Infrastructure Levy regulations, updated Planning Policy Guidance the role of Infrastructure Funding Statements and how CIL and Section 106 should work together. You can see the event materials (including a very helpful question book with answers) here
GDPR and Local Planning Authorities
In May 2018 PAS worked with a group of practitioners and partners to make a guide to managing data in LPAs. It has been published as an interim while we work on a more complete guide. Unfortunately the guide has been delayed until later in 2020 while some details are sorted out. 

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