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Head of PAS Anna Rose in conversation… a new PAS venture with a personal touch covering the issues that really matter in planning today. Welcome to the first of a new series of monthly video and audio resources discussing the hot topics in planning. The first is a series of ‘In Conversation with…’ where head of PAS Anna Rose talks to people from the world of planning about a variety of topical and newsworthy subjects.

Series 1, Episode 8 - Cllr Alan Baldock - The Leadership Role Role in Planning

For this episode we welcome Councillor Alan Baldock Canterbury City Council, and a new host - PAS very own Shelly Rouse. Shelly and Alan discuss the many facets of Leadership and the local councillor's role in local planning.


Series 1, Episode 7: Sara Dilmamode - making local plans in a challenging context 21.11.2022

In this session Anna and Sara are talking about plan making. They’ve both been at the sharp end of producing a local plan and are working with places trying to navigate a way through a system that is essentially in flux awaiting government announcements on reform. Anna and Sara discuss the ‘ins and outs’ of plan making against the backdrop of the current challenges facing officers and elected members.


Series 1, Episode 6 - Adele Morris - Councillor's Role in Decision Making 17.10.22

In this episode Anna is in conversation with Adele Morris, former LibDem councillor at London Borough of Southwark. Adele is a former LGA Board member and has worked extensively with PAS for many years. Anna and Adele discuss the councillor role in decision making including how to build good relationships between members and officers, communication &  engagement, positive involvement in pre-app, and how to build trust in the process for all concerned. 


Series 1, Episode 5 - James Scott - Public Space 26.09.22

This session's conversation is with James Scott, Group Director of Strategy and Planning at Urban & Civic.  James is qualified barrister and solicitor, as well as being one of the founder members of Urban & Civic. In this session Anna and James are discussing Public Space - its use and value when developing sites. They discuss the key components of 'doing open space well' including: • The maintenance of local green spaces • Intergenerational provision, especially for teenagers and older people • Opportunities for residents to influence decisions in the local area, plus a host of other ideas for getting quality open spaces delivered and working well.

Series 1, Episode 4 - Alice Lester/Catriona Riddell - Planning Dream Team 21.07.22

Anna’s conversation in this episode is with Alice Lester MBE (Operational Director Regeneration, Growth & Employment at LB Brent), and Catriona Riddell (Catriona Riddell & Associates). Listen to Anna and her guests discuss the skills, attributes and qualities required to successfully lead, manage and deliver great planning services and great places.

Series 1, Episode 3 - Louise Wood - Planning and Housing 23.06.22

Anna’s conversation in this episode is with Louise Wood - Louise is service Director for Planning and Housing and is the Chief Planner for Cornwall. Louise has recently taken on the service director role for housing. Anna and Louise discuss and share some interesting insights on what it's like trying to bring planning and housing strategy together, getting the whole council to think more spatially and why it's a good idea in the middle of a housing crisis.


Series 1, Episode 1: Hugh Ellis - Morale in Public Sector Planning 28.03.22

Anna’s conversation in this episode is with Hugh Ellis – Policy Director at the TCPA. Anna and Hugh discuss morale in the public sector - something that many report as being in serious decline, especially within planning departments. Anna and Hugh give their personal perspectives, how they feel about the state of the profession and where the light at the of tunnel is going to come from.


Series 1, Episode 2: Pooja Agrawal - The role of Design in Planning 18.05.22

Anna’s conversation in this episode is with Pooja Agrawal, CEO and co-founder of Public Practice. Anna and Pooja discuss design - what is design? who is it for? and how does it help to make connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric?