Managing the performance of people in a thoughtful way is an essential part of a manager's job. We have supported hundreds of councils, and set out what we learned in a series of 'key principles' documents. These have been produced by the PAS team with the help of peers and colleagues working closely with councils. (March 2020).

We hope they are a useful and quick guide for practitioners, councillors and managers, and are not intended to show you ‘how to' do things but are prompts to challenge current ways of thinking and to promote useful and constructive conversations. 



These are working documents and we intend to update them regularly as people use them and come up with more ideas. So, please use them, argue over them and let us know what you think. You might find them too basic - but we have been surprised at how often it's the basic principles which need to be reinforced.  

Remember you can ask questions of us, and your peers, in the Knowledge Hub. While some of the principles are timeless, the context and regulatory context for councils keeps changing and managing performance is not a one-off exercise.