Objectively Assessed Need and Housing Targets

The National Planning Policy Framework requires that local planning authorities identify the objectively assessed need for housing in their areas, and that Local Plans translate those needs into land provision targets.

This advice note offers practical advice to planning authorities and others in preparing evidence and setting plan targets, in line with the Framework and the supporting Planning Practice Guidance. 

We must stress that our advice has no official status, but is based on existing good practice, our own experience and - most importantly – on the recommendations of planning Inspectors. On this last point, it is a ‘living' document which will reflect any key decisions made by Inspectors or in the Courts, in order to keep it current.

The latest version was published in July 2015:


Event series

In the summer of 2014 we held an event series on OAN and the 5-Year land supply. The events looked at questions like: How do you tackle the strategic issues, whilst making sure you have the detail right? 

You can download the presentation here:

or view it below:


You can also browse a related presentation from Peter Brett Associates:

This looks at what to do and what not to do, and gives real-life examples. Again, you can browse this below:
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