Local Plan Reg 22 Consultation Statement

We have produced an advice note and template to help LPAs produce their Local Plan Regulation 22 Consultation Statement of Main Issue for examination.

Last updated April 2020

The note gives advice on how to make the submission statement not just fulfil the regulation requirements but be an opportunity to draw the Inspector’s attention to the issues that are most pertinent to the LPA’s Local Plan and, more importantly, the council’s responses to these challenges. 

A well-structured statement can offer the LPA a route to steer the Inspector’s initial consideration of main matters and issues of the submitted plan that an examination will likely focus on and be an authority’s first opportunity to proactively present its response to those issues.  It can assist an Inspector in their early examination preparation and demonstrate that the LPA is organised and well briefed on the main issues, leading to an efficient approach that can save time in the examination. 

In producing the note we have reviewed a number previously submitted Reg 22 Statements highlighting examples of good practice from effective statements as well as working with the Planning Inspectorate to produce a template for LPAs to use. We also have an example from a Local Planning Authority that has produced its statement using the advice note.