Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council and Essex County Council: Testing coding for a new garden community

This pilot case study sought to explore the National Model Design Code (NMDC), focusing on the analysis and vision stages of the coding work, with the objective of establishing high quality ambitions for a new garden settlement. Key themes included establishing a Community Liaison Group, to provide continuity and depth of engagement throughout the process, alongside a wider engagement strategy, including digital/online engagement, paper-based consultation, and workshops. A Strategic Vision for the new garden settlement was developed as one of the outcomes of the pilot process.



Scale: Site-specific

Context: Suburban

Focus: Exploring the design code process; producing a Strategic vision

Project team: Colchester Borough Council; Tendring District Council and Essex County Council. With assistance from Hyas Associates Ltd; Prior and Partners; itp; Gillespies

Region: East of England

"We are trying to use design coding as a way to not limit design but to encourage creativity instead."