Mid Devon District Council: Design coding in a rural context

This pilot case study sought to explore different elements of the coding process and provides guidance on how a design code may be approached and structured in a wide range of different rural settings and typologies. The principles were applied and tested in three locations, each of which has a page outlining the draft design code scope and content for the area. Key themes included the role of design coding in the plan making process, including its relationship to the local plan; utilising a collaborative approach and coding plan options for the authority-wide vision; exploring the range of area types in terms of function and developing bespoke rural area types.




Scale: Authority-wide

Context: Rural

Focus: Investigation of the design coding process, and area typologies within a rural context.

Project team: Mid Devon District Council; Hyas Associates; DHUD; Hilton Barnfield Architects.

Region: South West

"One of the fears of members was that the design coding process would lead to a check list and then everywhere looks the same. Part of the pilot project is to see how we apply what could be considered a ‘mechanised’ approach that doesn’t lead to uniformity."