North West Leicestershire District Council: Updating district-wide guidance in line with NMDC

This pilot case study sought to focus on evaluating and updating the existing authority-wide residential design guide, through exploration of the National Model Design Code (NMDC). Key themes included aligning and mapping existing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) topics to the NMDC themes; a range of parameters selected to cover the area-wide design code; and a site visit assessment process to identify local design quality issues whilst also incorporating lessons learned from elsewhere.




Scale: Authority-wide

Context: Suburban / rural

Focus: Review existing district wide design guide; map existing SPD topics onto NMDC themes; learn from elsewhere.

Project team: North West Leicestershire District Council; rtu.

Region: East Midlands

"The design guide is fundamental to the coding process. We are proposing to restructure our SPD to follow the national guidance. There are issues we wish to amplify to meet our local circumstances."