The Local Government Association (LGA) Constitution allows member authorities with common characteristics to form groupings of authorities to express a sectional interest.

It is open to any 10 or more potential members of a Special Interest Group (SIG), being full member authorities of the LGA, with common features, interests or concerns to ask the LGA to establish a SIG for them. Under exceptional circumstances, the LGA Executive may agree to the establishment of SIGs for smaller groups of authorities. Groupings of classes of authority (unitary authorities, county councils and district councils) will be regarded as SIGs.

SIGs are able to make representations direct to Government and elsewhere on matters arising directly from their special interest, and to obtain LGA assistance in doing so. All SIGs are required to submit a full report at the end of April each year to the LGA Leadership Board, covering such matters as their dealings with Government departments.

LGA statement on Special Interest Groups – Jan 2016  (PDF, 2 pages, 203KB)

Set out below are the Special Interest Groups which operate under the umbrella of the LGA.

Affordable Loans Network
Contact: Adenike Titiloye, Programme Director
Telephone: 0121 303 7516

City Regions Transport Special Interest Group
Represents the strategic transport bodies serving the six largest city regions outside London.
Contact: Jonathan Bray, Secretary
Telephone: 0113 251 7204
Link to website
Annual report

Coastal SIG
This group's principal aim is to establish improved governance, management and community wellbeing to ensure that the UK has the best managed coast in Europe, and to identify appropriate and sustainable funding strategies to support this aim.
Contact: Lucy Williams (Suffolk Coastal and Waveney)
Telephone: 01394 444552
Contact: Bill Parker (Suffolk Coastal and Waveney)
Telephone: 01394 444553
Website: Coastal SIG
Annual report

Co-operative Councils Innovation Network SIG
Contact: Jackie Wilson
Address: Oldham Council, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham
Telephone: 0161 770 3000
Annual report

Councils with ALMOs Group (CWAG)
Contact: Alison Freeman
Telephone: 07909 548609
Website: CWAG website
Annual report

County Councils Network
Contact: Simon Edwards
Telephone: 0207 664 3006
Website: >County Councils Network website
Annual report

District Councils Network
Contact: Jonathan Werran
Telephone: 020 7664 3049
Website: District Councils Network website
Annual report

F40 Group of Education Authorities
Contact: Doug Allen
Telephone: 01287 610404
Annual report
Website: F40 Group of Education Authorities

Key Cities SIG
Key Cities comprise 26 of England's mid-sized cities, covering the length and breadth of England. These cities, with a combined GVA of £163 billion and population of 7.9 million, play a key role in their regional economies
Contact: Jill Laverick, Sunderland City Council
Telephone: 0190561 1375
Website: Key Cities
Annual report

Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF)
The Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) is the UK's leading collaborative shareholder engagement group. It aims to protect fund and beneficiaries' long term investment interests, by promoting the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility amongst the companies in which they invest.
Contact: Cllr Kieran Quinn, Chairman
Telephone: 0207 3927880
Website: LAPFF forum
Annual report (to LGA)
Annual report

National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA)
Contact: David Preston
Telephone: 01691 680713
Website: Nabma website
Annual report

New Nuclear Local Authorities Group (NNLAG)
Contact: Kathryn Potts, Project Manager
Telephone: 07971 909648
Annual report

Nuclear Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management SIG
(known as NuLeAF, the Nuclear Legacy Advisory Forum)
Contact: Catherine Draper
Telephone: 01473 264833
Website: Nuleaf website
Annual report

Public Transport Consortium
Chair: Cllr Harold Davenport
Telephone: 01663 763986
Contact: Administrator – Ellie Thornley
Telephone: 07757 944689
Website: Public Transport Consortium
Annual report

Rural Services Network
Contact: David Inman
Telephone: 01822 813641
Website: Rural services Network
Annual report

Shared Chief Executives Network - Dormant
Contact: Kevin Dicks
Chief Executive of Redditch BC and Bromsgrove DC
Telephone: 01527 534000
Annual report

SIGOMA (Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities)
Contact: Frances Foster, Secretary, Barnsley MBC
Telephone: 01226 773101
LGA Contact: Mike Heiser
Website: SIgoma
Annual report

World Heritage Sites
Contact: Gill Clarke
Telephone: 01225 423616
Annual report
Website World Heritage Sites

Strategic Aviation SIG (SASIG)
SASIG works for local authorities in a strategic manner on national aviation policy to reconcile economic, social and environmental issues.
All LGA local authorities with an airport in or near their jurisdiction are welcome to join the SIG. Please contact us for a discussion about the work of the group.

Contact: SASIG Secretariat
Telephone 07860 218477 – n.b: in the event we cannot take your call, please leave a message with full inquiry and contact details.
Annual report