Regional Reps

Regional representatives are elected each year by Labour groups in their respective regions.

Their role is to act as the main link with Labour groups and leaders in their region, and represent their region within the wider LGA Labour Group Executive Team. This helps ensure the Executive team is fully representative of all parts of the country and LGA Labour members.

Cllr Richard Henry (Stevenage)

East Midlands
Cllr Alan Rhodes (Nottinghamshire)

Cllr Clare Coghill (Waltham Forest)

North East
Iain Malcolm (South Tyneside)

North West
Cllr John Merry (Salford)

South East
Cllr Sabia Hussain (Slough)

South West
Cllr Kate Haigh (Gloucester)

Cllr Aaron Shotton (Flintshire)

West Midlands
Cllr Sue Woodward (Lichfield/Staffordshire)

Yorkshire & Humberside
Cllr Tim Swift (Calderdale)