LGA Labour Women’s Taskforce

The LGA Labour Women’s Taskforce was established in Spring 2018 to look at the challenges faced by women in local government, and what we in the LGA Labour Group can do to support women who want to become councillors and who are already councillors.

Just 20% of Labour council leaders are women, which when you think about it really isn’t good enough! We need to be making sure women in local government face as few barriers as possible to taking on leadership positions within councils, whatever they may be.

Since it’s establishment in 2018, the LGA Labour Women’s Taskforce has looked at a wide range of issues, such as parental leave for councillors, Labour Party rules, policies for councillors who have caring responsibilities, and how we can encourage more women to stand as Labour candidates in local elections. The Taskforce is continuing this work, as well as looking at issues such as how to make Labour Groups more inclusive, and ensuring that rules in Labour Party selections that relate to gender equality are enforced. The Taskforce is made up of women councillors from England and Wales.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what your experiences have been as a woman in local government, and any thoughts that you think would be of interest to the Taskforce. We are planning to organise some women’s events as well, so if you have any thoughts on what events you would like to see, please let us know. Please email Hannah Lazell, Political Advisor to the Labour Group [email protected]