Biodiversity Net Gain in Development Management

Webpage updated 8 February 2024. The Environment Act 2021 makes a 10% biodiversity net gain (BNG) mandatory for all but exemptions and small sites from 12 February 2024 and for small sites from 2 April 2024. By this date Councils will need to be able to assess and determine planning applications and their associated biodiversity gain plans to check that they are legally compliant. This page sets out overarching information and examples of applying BNG to development management decision making and we will be adding to this over time.

Government has confirmed that BNG will be mandatory for major development from 12 February 2024 and for small sites from 2 April 2024. The draft BNG Planning Practice Guidance sets out how LPAs should consider mandatory BNG in development management. PAS has produced a BNG in Development Management Toolkit for Local Authorities

We also developed BNG Online with Future Homes Hub in April 2024 - a free digital resource offering Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) and planning applicants practical guidance and advice on Biodiversity Net Gain to help them navigate the planning process. BNG Online will develop as we learn more about the practical application of BNG and will be updated regualrly to reflect the latest legislation and guidance. We also have a frequently asked questions webpage, which covers BNG in decision-making.

Many councils have been applying biodiversity net gain to planning decision-making prior to it becoming mandatory. Examples of how they are doing this through developer guidance and advice, plus example planning conditions and examples of BNG in Section 106 agreements, are shared below. 

We also have a practitioner network for local authority officers interested in BNG, which acts as a group to discuss and share best practice, documents and templates on BNG. If you work for a LPA and wish to join this network, please fill out this Microsoft Form.

Feedback welcomed on this page and please do share your examples with us: [email protected].

Example developer guidance and advice notes


Example biodiversity net gain planning conditions 

Example Biodiversity Net Gain S106 clauses

Template Biodiversity Net Gain S106s