First Homes Workshop

On 29th July 2021 we ran a workshop with MHCLG and around 130 officers exploring the requirements of the Written Ministerial Statement and updated planning practice guidance on the role of planning in the delivery of First Homes. 

There is a lot to get to grips with when considering the practicalities of how you are going to implement the requirements for First Homes. We have published below the presentations and resources from the workshop to help you with this.

Overview and context of the First Homes policy

At the workshop MHCLG gave a presentation that set the background to the Government's First Homes policy and explained how it is a major priority for them aimed at promoting home ownership. They also looked in more detail on how the policy is intended to operate through planning including policy in local plans, decisions on applications and the use of developer contributions. Examples are also provided to help illustrate how the policy should be implemented. 

Here are the slides from the presentation by MHCLG:  

Case Study - Delivering First Homes in Bolsover

We were delighted to hear from colleagues in Bolsover District Council who have been piloting the delivery of First Homes in their area. This provided us with a practical insight on how the policy is being implemented at a local level.

Here are the slides from the presentation by Bolsover:

Transitional arrangements and next steps

To ensure the effective implementation of the policy and the delivery of First Homes it is important to think about who you need to engage with and what processes you need to put in place. To help you think about practical next steps PAS talked the group through the transitional arrangements and the stakeholder and process mapping that might help you.

Here are the slides from the presentation by PAS: