Monitoring and Delivery

6th March 2020 - These pages are being updated following the publication of the second round of the Housing Delivery Test. The Housing Delivery Test has reinforced how important monitoring the delivery of a plan is - and without delivery policies cannot improve the way development contributes to the success of people and places.

March 2020. These pages are currently being updated.



In Autumn 2017 we asked a small group of councils how they went about plan monitoring, and whether there were any "top tips" for how to approach this task. Unfortunately there are no short-cuts - it requires commitment and resourcing, as well as having the right people in the team. 

Many years ago in 2010 we published a case study on Annual Monitoring Reports which looked at some of the basics of communicating progress clearly to a non-planning audience. While some of the details and language has changed since, the basic principles remain the same.