Design Code Production for Development Management Officers, March 2024

Development Management Officers can play key role in the preparation, testing and applying design codes. Here is some information from six local authorities who have been actively producing design codes and how they have positively engaged Development Management officers in their production.

Design Code Production for Development Management Officers, 12th & 26th March.

The first of the series of online events focused on the role of Development Management officers in production and use of design codes were held on 12th & 26th March 2024.  These first two sessions focused on the pre-adoption/production process. Six local authority pathfinders of Trafford, BCP, Barking & Dagenham, East Riding, Teignbridge and Bradford presented across the two session on how DM officers should be involved in the upskilling, preparation, testing and applying of codes prior to adoption.  DLUHC also delivered an update on national guidance on design code use and the pathfinder programme.