Future funding

With councils facing a fall in core central government funding of 40 per cent by the end of this Parliament and having made £20 billion worth of savings since 2010, there is limited scope to keep protecting services through making further efficiency savings. If spending reductions follow a similar pattern in the next Parliament, councils will be facing a £12.4 billion funding gap by the end of the decade.


Devolution to local areas can bring economic, political and social benefits to communities across the country. Our online resource details what powers councils have already been given and what they're doing with them, as well as tools to help your council negotiate further devolution.

Show us you care

With the funding crisis in councils continuing and further cuts being faced in the coming years, our Show Us You Care campaign is calling for the Government to commit to protecting social care funding in councils, which will ease financial pressures in other areas of council budgets.

100 days

In May 2015 the country will have a new government which will determine the future of our nation. Investing in our nation's future: 100 days, sets out priorities for what the new government must do in the first 100 days to secure a bright future for the nation.


Digital Councils advice on social media for councillors

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