Rewiring Public Services is an ambitious campaign which provides much-needed solutions to how we can deliver public services within an ever-tightening fiscal environment.

Our objective is to lobby for a radical transformation of the way local government works and its relationship with Whitehall.

Following several months of discussions with our members in early 2013, we have drawn up a list of key propositions that we want to see adopted in full or in part within party manifestos and implemented by whoever forms the next Government in 2015.

Rewiring Public Services has been discussed and debated in the media and in Parliament. It's time to have the debate or discussion in the most important place of all, your council. We've put together a proposed motion and some other materials to help you get the conversation going. We've also captured all the councils which have responded so far in a handy Google map. 

Rewiring public services – the debate

For further information and supporting materials, access the range of resources we've made available which include:

Our ten key propositions

1. Give people a meaningful vote on local tax and spending issues: a local treasury in every place.

2. Cut red tape: bring local services and decisions together in one place.

3. Reduce bureaucracy and Whitehall silos: merge six government departments and create an England Office.

4. Share money fairly across the UK: replace the Barnett formula with a new needs-based funding model.

5. Take financial distribution out of ministers' hands: replace it with agreement across English local government.

6. Strengthen local say: reduce ministers' powers to intervene in local decisions.

7. End flawed, tick box inspections by bureaucrats: create local service user champions.

8. Boost investment in infrastructure: create a thriving market in municipal bonds.

9. A multi-year funding settlement tied to the life of a Parliament.

10. Protect local democracy: give the local government settlement formal constitutional protection.


7 January 2014

Key publications

Rewiring public services – rejuvenating democracy


28 June 2013

This paper sets out the changes needed at both a local and national level so that public services can help communities to meet people's future needs and aspirations.


Future funding outlook for councils from 2010/11 to 2019/20


4 July 2013

The purpose of this paper is to set out the impact, on the available resources of English local government, of funding cuts and unavoidable growth pressure.


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