Save local services

The future financial sustainability of councils is on a cliff-edge. Without Government action, they will have no choice but to significantly cut the local services our communities – and economy – rely on.

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Local government is the fabric of our country. It provides more than 800 services and positively impacts the daily life of every person in every community. 

However, the future financial sustainability of councils is on a cliff-edge, and the scale of the pressures cannot be met by reducing costs, making efficiencies or raising council tax.

Many now face the prospect of having to make severe cutbacks to local services. This would not only damage our communities but massively undermine Government ambitions to boost economic growth, level up the country and help residents through the cost of living crisis.

We need a long-term plan from Government

Inflation is not going to come down overnight. Reserves can only be spent once. A local service cannot be cut twice.

To save the local services we all rely on, councils need adequate funding, in line with inflation and the demand for services, and certainty to plan their budgets to minimise service disruption.

If you want to get involved in the save local services campaign, please email LGA’s Marketing Content Manager, Anna Morrell, on [email protected] 

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