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Councils are undertaking transformation to fundamentally change their systems, processes, and skills to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and resident satisfaction.

Our transformation offer provides councils with direct support with learning and development opportunities, helping to boost capacity and capability within local government. We aim to help authorities achieve their transformation goals, deliver efficiencies, and drive continuous improvement across a range of service areas. Responding to feedback from the sector, the programme now features a range of new councillor focused development opportunities.

With our Transformation programme, we are bolstering capacity and capability in local government by offering councils:

  • partners and peer support
  • learning and skills
  • data driven tools and benchmarking.

Transformation Partners and peer support

This programme will help to equip council leadership teams (officers and councillors) with skills to drive transformation and provide local authorities with support to deliver local priorities as well as their best value duty.

This offer includes:

  • Transformation peers providing councils with access to support from skilled and experienced officers and elected members with relevant transformation expertise.
  • Member Peer training programmes, providing specialised training to build the expertise and capability within local government and support delivery of successful transformation programmes.
  • Transformation Partners, a new pilot programme building on the Transformation Peers programme whereby councils with particular transformation challenges are matched with officers/councillors from local authorities with specific expertise.
  • Productivity Plan panels, bringing together groups of local authorities to share learning and best practice relating to common themes and topics arising from their Productivity Plans.

Transformation learning and skills programme

Our transformation learning and skills programme will offer development opportunities including support for councils in achieving their transformation priorities. This includes:

  • Roundtables and action learning sets, enabling local authorities to learn from each other, including where they have experienced challenges with their Transformation programmes.
  • Transformation learning and skills events, for officers and councillors, including a Transformation Conference and an Innovation Zone event.
  • Facilitation of Transformation Networks for councillors and officers.
  • Councillor development sessions, including a new Leadership Essentials programme, providing councillors with the skills to champion, lead and scrutinise transformation programmes within their local authority.

Transformation tools and benchmarking

Our updated Transformation tools and benchmarking support offer includes:

  • A new Transformation Capability Framework for councillors — outlining the key skills and knowledge to ensure effective leadership and scrutiny of transformation within local authorities.
  • An updated Transformation and Innovation Exchange (TIEx) which aims to provide an overview of your organisation's performance across the characteristics of a high functioning local authority, enabling you to easily identify and prioritise areas you wish to focus resources on. The revamp includes an extensive library of dedicated transformation resources, guidance, tools and learning to help you implement and deliver your transformation projects.

Local Partnerships

We are working closely with Local Partnerships to deliver transformation

Councils are undertaking transformation to fundamentally change their systems, processes, and skills to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and resident satisfaction.

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