Transformation Network

The Transformation Network is a group for officers working in change management, organisational development, and transformation within local government. Members meet to discuss policy developments fresh thinking and techniques, network, and learn about other councils’ transformation projects.

Our Transformation programme is informed by two groups of local government officers – the Transformation Network and the Behaviour Change Leads Group (BCLG). These groups give officers valuable opportunities to learn new techniques, network, share notable practice, and hear from guest speakers. 

What is the Transformation Network?

Local government requires officers who can innovate and transform services and they need to hold the skills, knowledge, and capacity to stimulate meaningful change for the workforce and community.

As part of the LGA transformation support offer, we convene an officer group to help inform the LGA’s work and support councils with their transformation needs. This network is designed to support officers working in transformation, change and innovation roles within local government.

What we do

The network discusses emerging issues and trends affecting councils and hears from each other and guests on new policies, programmes, and practices. The network identifies obstacles and facilitators to implementing change policies or solutions.

Crucial to our group is having the space to share support, opportunities, and good practice. The composition of the Transformation Network is representative of councils across England and is led by councils, for councils.

The secretariat function is held by the LGA and the network is led by:

  • Chair: Debbie Knopp, Director of Transformation Delivery and Support at Essex County Council 
  • Vice chair: Clare Rowley, Head of Transformation at Lincolnshire County Council

Transformation Network update (March 2023)

Kate Lindley from Change Network provided an update on the Transformation Capability Framework ahead of its formal launch at the LGA Transformation Conference on Tuesday 26 March.

The transformation capability framework has been created in partnership with councils, for councils. It sets out 'what good looks like' so that councils can make sure they have the capabilities they need in place to deliver sustainable and effective transformation.

Get involved

The group is open to new members who work in relevant officer roles for a local authority. If you would like to join, please submit an expression of interest form. If accepted, you will be added to the membership list and invited to all future meetings.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]