Past event presentations

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Personal safety for councillors, Thursday 30 November 2023

Decarbonising transport, 22 November 2023

LGA Renewable Energy Good Practice Guide, Tuesday 21 November 2023

Are you maximising your recruitment with accessibility and employment partners? 16 November 2023

Co-production in action: putting people at the heart of care and support, 15 November 2023

LGA Member Peer Conference, 8–9 November 2023 

Whats the story? Using National Carer Data to develop your narrative for Care Quality Commission (CQC) Assurance, 8 November 2023

Role of the Principal Social Worker in CQC Assessment, 8 November 2023

Online care needs self assessments: good practice guide webinar, 6 November 2023

Learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews - discrimination and discriminatory abuse, 1 November 2023


Modern slavery risk assessment and due diligence guidelines for adult social care, 31 October 2023

Public Sector Equality Duty webinar, 26 October

Community-focused transformation (Transformation masterclass), 25 October 2023

Election matters: Introducing the new digital campaigning imprints regime, 17 October 2023

Adult social care assurance: learning from the CQC pilots and the elected member perspective, 17 October 2023

Handling online abuse and intimidation, 12 October 2023

The role of local government in supporting economic inclusion: Unlocking talent to level-up, 3 October 2023

Moving Communities: How the programme can support local authorities to measure and evidence the value of public leisure services, 3 October 2023


Enabling People with a Learning Disability to Gain and Retain Employment, 29 September 2023

Personal safety for councillors, 27 September 2023

Learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews, 27 September 2023

Inclusive pavements: Making streets accessible to all, 27 September 2023

Shaping Places for Healthier Lives, End of Year 2 Celebration Event, 26 September 2023

Community alternatives to inpatient care, 22 September 2023

Empty Properties Report Launch, 21 September 2023

How to get the best from working with your strategic partners (Transformation masterclass), 20 September 2023

Supporting employees with terminal illness, 19 September 2023

Adult social care information and advice: Information, advocacy and rights, 18 September 2023

Recycling fit for the future, 18 September 2023

Adult social care information and advice: Care costs and self-funding, 15 September 2023

Finance without numbers – An introduction to local government finance, 14 September 2023

Reshaping consumer regulation in social housing – consumer standards consultation, 13 September 2023

Don’t dispose, reuse, 12 September 2023

Understanding our roles in promoting and respecting human rights, and the implications of commissioning, assessment, treatment and care decisions, 8 September 2023

Reducing waste: how to slim the bin, 7 September 2023


Dynamic support registers and care, education and treatment review policy: The benefits of a joint approach, 21 August


A guide to planning a great ordinary life outside of hospital, 31 July 

NIHR Public Health Intervention Responsive Studies Teams (PHIRST) scheme, 20 July 2023

School staff pay 2023, 20 July 2023

Health in all Deals – putting health at the heart of devolution, 19 July 2023

The role and future skills needs of councils' economic development teams, 11 July 2023

LGA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023, Bournemouth: Tuesday 4 July 2023 (Day 1)

LGA Annual Conference and Exhibition, BournemouthWednesday 5 July 2023 (Day 2)

LGA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023, Bournemouth: Thursday 6 July 2023 (Day 3)


Personal safety for newly elected councillors presentation, 27 June 2023

Adult social care assurance: the return of regulation and the role of elected members, 6 June 2023


Accelerating decarbonisation through public procurement, 25 May 2023

Supporting a great school food culture, 23 May 2023

Progress on children and young people’s mental health policy in England, 18 May 2023

The benefits of being a Disability Confident employer, 18 May 2023

Future local electricity networks – creating a partnership approach to growth, 16 May 2023

The Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Fund, 12 May 2023

Why isn’t Government policy more preventive? Thursday 11 May 2023


LGA annual employment law webinar, 25 April 2023


LGA/ADPH/FPH Annual Public Health Conference 2023, Tuesday 21 March – Thursday 23 March 2023

LGA Annual Culture, Tourism and Sport Conference 2023 (Hybrid), 15 March 2023

Annual Fire Conference 7-8 March 2023 - Day 1 and Day 2 Plenary Presentations

Annual national construction conference, 7 March 2023, Leeds


Annual Licensing Conference - 8 February

Annual national construction conference, 2 February 2023, London