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Adult Social Care Assurance: a guide to support the development of your adult social care self-assessment, 6 June 2023

The origins of assurance, the Government’s priorities for it, and the role of local democratic accountability in assurance

Lucy Sheard, Local Authority Assurance Senior Policy Adviser, Department of Health

 and Social Care

Overview of the assurance process, capturing the voice of senior councillors and what senior councillors should/could be doing to prepare

Mary Cridge, Director of Adult Social Care, Care Quality Commission

Opportunities and risks of assurance – the role of local democratic leadership in maximising the former and mitigating the latter

Simon Williams, Director of Social Care Improvement, Partners in Care and Health

Partners in Care (LGA and ADASS) have developed a workbook to support council’s prepare their self-assessment for the new CQC adult social care assurance process.

This workbook has been co-produced over time and tested with the sector in draft form. It has now been finalised following the Care Quality Commission (CQC) pilot process being initiated.

We aim to further update the document once the pilots have been completed in the autumn. If you would like any further support to prepare for CQC assurance please contact your regional Care and Health Improvement Adviser (CHIA)