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On behalf of its members, the cross-party LGA regularly briefs parliamentarians of all political affiliations on issues of concern and relevance to local government ahead of debates in Parliament. The most recent of these can be found here, as can the LGA's written responses to parliamentary inquiries, such as those held by Select Committees.

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Debate on the future availability of resources for the provision of district council services in two-tier areas, House of Lords, Thursday 19 October 2017

By 2019/20, more than half of all English councils, including three quarters of district councils, will no longer receive the revenue support grant.

Opposition Day Debate on the rollout of Universal Credit, House of Commons, Wednesday 18 October 2017

Councils have raised concerns about the design and implementation of Universal Credit (UC) Full Service to date, in particular the impact of the initial waiting period and delays in claimants receiving their first UC payment.

Debate on the availability and affordability of housing, House of Lords, Thursday 12 October 2017

The nation is facing a housing crisis. Dealing with the crisis is vital if we are to ensure that all residents are able to benefit from economic growth.

Future funding of supported housing, House of Commons debate, 10 October 2017

The provision of supported housing is vital to ensuring vulnerable people live in suitable homes that meet their personal and all-round housing, health and care needs.

LGA Autumn Budget submission 2017

In this submission we detail the unfunded cost pressures facing local government and why, with many local services facing significant funding gaps, it is vital that the Budget recognises that councils cannot continue without sufficient and sustainable resources.

EU (Withdrawal) Bill Second Reading, House of Commons, 7 September 2017

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill will convert EU law into UK law, with the intention of allowing businesses to continue operating and providing fairness to individuals, knowing the rules have not changed on the day the UK leaves the EU.

Deferred payment scheme for funding older people's care - 7 September 2017

Deferred payment agreements are arrangements between an individual and a council that enables the individual to use the value of their home to help pay for their care home costs.

Policing and Crime Act 2017 – implications for police and crime panels in England

This briefing note provides a summary of the provisions of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 (PCA 2017) that impact on the work of Police and Crime Panels (PCPs / panels).

LGA response to VisitBritain consultation on a sector deal for UK Tourism

The Government’s industrial strategy provides a critical opportunity to drive the creation of a successful, world-leading economy and the LGA welcomes the Government’s ambition to drive growth and tackle the economic imbalances in different parts of the country.

LGA briefing - update on discussions for payment of sleep-in shifts in social care

This briefing aims to provide councils with current information as it is available.


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