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On behalf of its membership, the cross-party LGA regularly submits to Government consultations, briefs parliamentarians and responds to a wide range of parliamentary inquiries. Our recent responses to government consultations and parliamentary briefings can be found here.

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Debate on tackling loneliness and connecting communities, House of Commons, 21 June 2023

Loneliness is a problem for people of all ages throughout the life course. It does not just affect older people.

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Debate on smokefree 2030 target, House of Commons, 20 June 2023

Smoking remains the leading preventable cause of ill health and mortality in England. Councillors and officers recognise the harm that smoking inflicts on their communities and the importance of continuing to drive down smoking prevalence.

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LGA’s response to DLUHC’s technical consultation on the Infrastructure Levy

The LGA, along with 29 other bodies across the sector, have written to government to urge them not to introduce the proposed Infrastructure Levy (IL). We have significant concerns that the proposed IL will result in fewer, not more, affordable homes delivered, will expose councils to excessive levels of financial risks, and be increasingly burdensome and complex for local authorities to implement and manage. The signatories propose that retention and improvement of the current developer contribution system is the most appropriate solution.

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LGA Submission to DLUHC’s Environmental Outcomes Reports: a new approach to environmental assessment consultation

In principle, the LGA support the objective of the new proposed system of environmental assessment, to streamline the existing EU-derived processes and place an increased focus on delivering environmental ambitions in the UK. However the consultation does not contain the level of detail required to understand how Environmental Outcome Reports (EOR’s) will work in practice. We would urge Government to engage directly with local authorities when drafting the outcomes and ahead of public consultation, to ensure they are practical and can be monitored effectively.

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Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, Report Stage, House of Lords, latest amendments, June 2023

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill acts upon long running asks from councils and the LGA for further devolution in England. We are pleased that the Government has proposed to speed up the process and make good on its commitment to offer all of England the opportunity to benefit from a devolution deal by 2030. It is also important that councils of all sizes are engaged in the devolution process.

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Debate on the state of local government in England and the case for the reinvigoration of local democracy, 15 June 2023

Government should consider accelerating work to devolve greater legal and fiscal powers to local government, moving to long-term and sustainable funding arrangements, and enshrining the Charter of Local Self-Governance in UK law.

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Procurement Bill, Remaining Stages, House of Commons 13 June 2023

The LGA welcomes the Government’s proposed reforms to public procurement including enshrining in law the objectives of public procurement.

LGA response: Introduction of a use class for short term lets and associated permitted development rights, June 2023

Local government has been raising concerns about the impact of unregulated growth in this sector for some time. It is a national issue, with the impacts of short-term letting found across the country. We have drafted this response alongside our response to the DCMS consultation on introducing a registration scheme.

LGA response: Consultation on a registration scheme for short-term lets in England, June 2023

We have drafted this response alongside our response to the DLUHC consultation on introducing a new use class for short-term lets. It will be vital that both the planning use class changes and the registration scheme are introduced alongside each other, as neither will be effective without the other mechanism.

Non-Domestic Rating Bill, Second Reading, House of Lords, 19 June 2023

The Non-Domestic Rating Bill implements a number of changes to the system of non-domestic rates (known as business rates) in England and Wales.

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