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LGA responds to RAC Foundation report on parking income

“Councils are on the side of motorists and shoppers when setting parking policies, which aim to make sure that there are spaces available for residents, high streets are kept vibrant and traffic is kept moving."

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Child abuse linked to faith and belief rises by a third, councils reveal

“Councils are determined to tackle the practice of FGM and work with partner organisations to do everything possible to protect and support children and young people."


LGA responds to Sustain report on junk food planning policies

“Numerous councils have set curbs on new fast food outlets but need planning powers to tackle the clustering of existing takeaways already open."


LGA responds to Citizens Advice council tax report

Cllr Richard Watts, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Resources Board, responds to the report by Citizens Advice on council tax collection practices.

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LGA responds to Age UK report on unmet care needs

“Reforming and improving our adult social care and support system will help keep our population living healthier, longer and more independently without the need for using social care services, which are under constant pressure from rising costs and demand."

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LGA – Clearer labelling and higher charges for hard to recycle products needed to help boost recycling rates

“Councils want to increase recycling rates. Clearer labelling and increased charges for hard to recycle products would help councils, manufacturers and the public be part of a vital recycling revolution."


LGA responds to new fly-tipping statistics

“Councils are determined to crack down on the problem, including installing CCTV at fly-tipping hotspots which has led to successful prosecutions."

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LGA responds to adult substance misuse statistics

Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board, Cllr Ian Hudspeth, responds to annual adult substance misuse treatment statistics for 2018/19, published by Public Health England.


LGA responds to ACTSO report on local trading standards services

“The next government needs to ensure councils are adequately funded, so they can continue to take effective action at a local level against criminals and provide the vital local regulatory services that keep residents safe.”

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Increasing conflict and hardship behind rise in struggling families needing support from councils

A rise in family conflict and hardship is behind the heightened pressure on child protection services, according to a new survey of councillors responsible for children’s social care by the LGA.