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Penalties must act as deterrent for fly-tipping – LGA responds to annual fly-tipping statistics

“Fly-tipping is inexcusable. It is not only an eyesore for residents, but a serious environmental and public health risk, creating pollution and attracting rats and other vermin. It also costs local taxpayers millions of pounds a year to clear up."

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‘Local leaders key to addressing hidden unemployment’ - LGA response to Centre for Cities Outlook 2023 report

“Encouraging the estimated three million ‘hidden unemployed’ back into work or training, as highlighted in this report, will only be achieved if local leaders across our towns and cities are at the forefront of the response."

three gas hobs burning

Councils warn of ‘alarming’ pressures on households this winter – LGA responds to ONS winter pressure data

"This data is stark evidence of the impact of the rise in the cost of living on families."


Councils call for government to recommit to sugar levy – LGA responds to Cambridge University study into sugar levy

“This compelling piece of evidence shows the impact the sugar levy has had on addressing rising levels of childhood obesity."

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Protecting those in poverty a critical priority - LGA response to JRF report on poverty

As this report highlights, targeted government support does help, but millions of people still face uncertainty due to inflation and being unable to pay rising bills.

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‘Local audit is in crisis’ – LGA responds to NAO report on Timeliness of Local Auditor Reporting

“Effective external audit and clear and transparent financial reporting are vital. However local audit is in crisis, which is a serious concern for councils.” 

An adult woman helping an elderly to stand from his bed

We must shift the narrative on ageing and disability – LGA responds to Archbishops’ Commission report on Reimagining Care

“The Archbishops’ Commission rightly highlights the importance of shifting the narrative on ageing and disability, as well as building better attitudes towards social care and the people who draw on it.”

A home nurse aids an elderly woman to stand up and walk

Local government workforce shortages adding to service pressures – LGA survey

The significant staff shortages in local government risk having a serious impact on councils’ capacity to deliver services. It is also restricting their ability to help government meet key pledges.

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Prioritise reducing waste – LGA responds to announcement on deposit return schemes

"Councils are pleased to see some further details for how the deposit return schemes (DRS) would work, but need to understand how the implementation of DRS will work alongside other planned waste reforms, such as the plans for packagers to pay for waste processing. "


Councils need urgent clarity about how addiction services will be funded in future – LGA responds to adult substance misuse treatment statistics

Responding to Office for Health Improvement and Disparities figures showing that the number of people accessing drug and alcohol treatment services has increased.